High School Tutoring

Student Profile: U.S. high schoolers in grades 9-12


Are you dreading your next Spanish test? ¡No te preocupes! These one-hour sessions are thoughtfully designed for students like you. Whether you’re stuck on verb conjugations or can’t seem to retain grammar rules or vocabulary, Spainless has got you covered. These classes are a great supplement to your study hall!


Are you a parent? If your child is in need of academic support to prepare for an AP exam or other university entry testing, I can help with career and college readiness. 



60 minutes

Hourly Rate: $39

Common Student Concerns:

Present v. past tense

Verb conjugation

Irregular verbs

Audio comprehension

Language structure

Inability to think in Spanish

Can comprehend, but can’t speak

Why Spainless

Experienced tutor based in Spain

Specialized in Americans learning Spanish

Tailored to your learning goals

A safe place to make mistakes

A professional who truly cares

100% remote: Learn from anywhere you have the Wi-Fi password