College Tutoring

Student Profile: Undergraduates enrolled in Spanish language, literature or linguistics courses


As a college student, you may not have as much time to spend on learning Spanish as you’d like. Tools like Chatbots and Google Translate often make learning a language harder than it has to be. Personalized learning is essential for your university-level education. Cram a study session with me over Google Meet!



60 minutes

Hourly Rate:


Common Student Concerns:

Writing essays in Spanish

Reliance on translation

Problems with feminine v. masculine

Sentence structure in Spanish

Literal translation into Spanish

Anxiety when speaking

Why Spainless

Experienced tutor based in Spain

Specialized in Americans learning Spanish

Tailored to your learning goals

A safe place to make mistakes

A professional who truly cares

100% remote: Learn from anywhere you have the Wi-Fi password