Business or Medical Spanish

Student Profile: Business, pharmaceutical and medical professionals who have regular contact with the Iberian and/or Latin American markets, or local Spanish-speaking communities.

Business Spanish:

Stop letting the language barrier get in the way. Spanish doesn’t have to be a struggle. These courses are designed to help professionals who do business in any Spanish-speaking space fine-tune habitual tasks: writing emails, interviewing candidates, and presenting PowerPoints in meetings. Give your Spanish the professional tone it deserves to connect with your colleagues abroad.

Medical Spanish:

If you work in the medical field, I can provide you with a specific set of Spanish vocabulary depending on the Spanish variant your patients speak. I can help you with terms and slang used by Puerto Rican or Mexican Spanish speakers, for example. Medical terminology and the way of interacting at the doctor’s office varies greatly among Spanish-speaking cultures and countries of origin. I can help you pinpoint what words you should use to continue to provide excellent healthcare while ensuring a smooth flow of communication.



60 minutes

Hourly Rate:


Common Student Concerns:

Conducting meetings professionally

Unable to explain complex ideas

Conjugating verbs incorrectly

Embarrassment during meetings

Lost in translation with patients

Being misinterpreted

Spanish speakers switching to English

Lack of industry-specific words

Why Spainless

Experienced tutor based in Spain

Specialized in Americans learning Spanish

Tailored to your learning goals

A safe place to make mistakes

A professional who truly cares

100% remote: Learn from anywhere you have the Wi-Fi password