Accent Reduction

Student Profile: Proficient to advanced Spanish speaker who wish to reduce their American accent

Don’t be called a gringo or guiri again! Get rid of your American accent in Spanish with help from a fellow American who lost his foreign accent. If you speak Spanish at work and interact with Spanish-speaking colleagues or customers, pronunciation and rhythm are key to ensure you get your point across. In fact, practicing your own accent in Spanish might even help you understand native speakers better! This class is perfect for Americans who want to lose their accent in Spanish.


60 minutes

Hourly Rate:


Common Student Concerns:

Conducting meetings professionally

Unable to explain complex ideas

Conjugating verbs incorrectly

Embarrassment during meetings

Lost in translation with patients

Being misinterpreted

Spanish speakers switching to English

Lack of industry-specific words

Why Spainless

Experienced tutor based in Spain

Specialized in Americans learning Spanish

Tailored to your learning goals

A safe place to make mistakes

A professional who truly cares

100% remote: Learn from anywhere you have the Wi-Fi password